About Us

We’re more than just tattoos, we delve deep into the sub-cultures that that lurk in the shadows, from music and art to interest pieces on stories you might have missed in the mainstream. The Skull and Sword is staffed by writers from every discipline and every background, intersecting in ways that make you rethink how you experience the world.

The Skull and Sword isn’t about revolution; it’s about evolution. We want to get everybody, including ourselves, thin about arts and culture in ways we’ve never done before and turning a critical eye towards the everyday and finding the beauty in the mundane.

Even in the 21st century, a large portion of the arts, like tattoos and avant-garde music, is still considered ‘counter-culture’, as if it was working against the mainstream.

But it’s the exact opposite: we’re not counter  to culture; we are an augment to it. We want you to think about it differently and see the loopholes and the mistakes so that we can all, collectively, make better.

With the digital age upon us, it’s up to online magazines like ours to track and update readers with crucial developments in arts and culture as cyberspace takes over reality. We’re here to be your guide in this brave, new world.

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