About Us

Danger: Killer Content Ahead

About Us

This is not the place you go to for what’s cute and furry and cuddly.

Maybe we’ll do “furry” and “cuddly”— with vicious spikes. If you’re cool with that and want more hip, edgy and arty stories that speak to your soul, then welcome.

What You’ll Read on Skull and Sword

Because we believe in personal expression through ink, expect powerful stories that connect with you as the individual. But just like you’re not one-dimensional as a human being, Skull and Sword isn’t just all about tattoos and the cultures that embrace it.

We cover other stories you care about: design, music, the arts — the dualities of life, and what it all means.

We’ll throw in the occasional fuckin’ A! life hack because we know, sometimes, you just have to know how to start a hobby late in life, how to hire a guy for a job around the house or any mundane thing that has to be done.

We’re helpful like that.

So don’t be afraid. We celebrate the rebellious and the creative, but we also make room for the curious. Because the next evolution of mankind isn’t just for the like-minded.

Go ahead. Click a page, share a story today.

Let Skull and Sword be your guide to a culture you love or want to take a stab at.

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