What Does a Blue Butterfly Tattoo Mean?

3D butterfly tattoo on a person's back

A good luck charm — this is what most cultures think of when they see a butterfly, blue ones, especially. Makes sense to get a butterfly tattoo because then you’d have that good luck on you wherever you go and for as long as you live. But different designs and colors mean different things as with any type of tattoo.

Although a blue butterfly tattoo usually symbolizes “good luck,” its meaning for you may not refer to good fortune.

The Meaning of a Blue Butterfly

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The color blue symbolizes peace, stability, authority; in some cultures, it carries a spiritual element and provides a sense of calm and peacefulness. The spiritual meaning of a butterfly has a connection with Christianism, specifically the concept of “ascension.”

Because this delicate, typically vibrant living being in the animal world goes through a metamorphosis, its symbolism for spiritual transformation and rebirth is easy to see.

When you’ve gone through a big life change or are taking steps to effect one, getting inked with blue butterflies could be a good reminder of this goal.

What Does a Blue Butterfly Tattoo Mean?

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From coming out of rehab to being free from a bad relationship, a new lease on life is always a welcome change. And when you want to celebrate that new journey, a butterfly tattoo in blue is good idea.

The artist could apply several types of artwork for your tattoo. Realism tattoos, for one, can leave a hypnotic effect and make your blue butterfly ink look as though you’ve got one massive insect on your back, leg, or chest. If you want an otherworldly style, ask your artist about using fantasy art for your ink. Both styles could work for the intended meaning behind your blue butterfly.

If you don’t want a design that’s fussy or just prefer something discreet, a simple, tiny butterfly on your wrist or behind your ear is another way to get inked. These designs and placements are typical for any butterfly tattoo.

Blue butterflies aren’t just about transformation — for the better. Their second most famous association is with good luck. Like a four leaf clover, a tattoo of blue butterflies signifies a blissful life, that you’ve had good luck. Lucky bastard.

Sometimes, getting inked with this graceful creature can be aspirational; that you want to have good luck in your life.

Rarely will you come across a blue butterfly (the color itself is rare in nature), and sometimes, good fortune can be elusive. This could explain their association.

If you’re not sure about a butterfly tattoo, test out a temporary design like Momentary Ink, which lets you customize a temporary tattoo.

If you’re set on butterflies but don’t care too much about the blue ones, other options are worth thinking over.

Other Butterfly Designs for Your Tattoo

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If you’d rather not get a blue morpho butterfly tattooed, try other species. Butterflies come in a riot of colors or in shades of black and white. The color you pick will depend on what you want your butterfly tattoo to mean, and likely be dictated by your cultural background.

In different cultures, the same colors will have different meanings.

A black butterfly tattoo could symbolize fleeting existence, so maybe you want your ink to say you’re dealing aging. A white butterfly tattoo, on the other hand, could symbolize purity. But in Native American culture, white signifies good luck. A yellow butterfly tattoo could mean joy, if you’re Chinese, or hope, if you’re Native American.

One of the more common tattoo designs for this insect is the monarch butterfly. Monarch butterfly tattoos have a variety of meanings:

  • Your monarch butterfly could symbolize your femininity and beauty, since this impressive butterfly is admired for how it looks
  • The tattoo could mean that you yearn for personal growth because the butterfly is considered a spirit animal
  • The butterfly design could be your way of honoring the departed; in Mexico, the monarch butterfly is a symbol of those who have gone.
  • Or it doesn’t have to mean anything because you just happen to dig monarch butterflies.

You can also try other elements with your butterfly tattoo to communicate something else. For example, people who are struggling with anxiety have taken to getting inked with the semi-colon and some are adding a whimsical butterfly to their body art.

Follow the Blue Butterfly

A butterfly tattoo, in blue, yellow, or black, is one of the easiest designs to add to your “moveable art.” As an expression of your desires and hopes or as a nod to a life that has concluded, this type of tattoo will never go unnoticed because it’s inherently attractive. Like a fluttering blue butterfly hypnotizing you to come follow it.